Thursday, February 22, 2018

8 Shooters : putting things off

You know, in every good western movie there are always dramatic situations. Sometimes they are heart wrenching.

You would think with all that we've been through, there just wouldn't be one more heart wrenching episode. But, when I chose to hold my post, you must have known something was going on.

I refrained from saying anything until biopsy's and tests are back, and we really don't know too much now, other than the fact that my husband now has the dreaded "C" word added to his list of medical issues. We go next week to find out just how bad it is, or isn't, or whatever.

But, seeing as how he is very frail, and that his body is getting tired, and that the cancer is in his liver, well, let's just say we are realists and we will just leave it at that.

So this is why you haven't heard from me. I just couldn't. Yet again. I am sorry, but yet, I am not because I have found that over the last few years there is so much more to my life than quilting. Quilting takes the biggest back seat it can take without being pushed out the door. Occasionally I grab it up when it's been a good go and life has been pleasant for a few days. I don't mean to sound down or something in saying that. Not at all! I am fine, really. Again, just honest.

But today was a very pleasant day. Few and far between. I needed it so badly. So as the day draws to a close, I decided I could just release the next clue. Funny how this mystery has turned out to be NOTHING like I thought it would. Lots of mystery happening in my life. Month after month. Something new. It's ok because you all have been quite patient with me.

Anyway, No fluffy words this week. No story. Just  the next step. Hope you like it. It's rather fun actually.

You have four 8 shooters left. Make some of these. Just make sure that you ALWAYS use the lighter color of your solid on the same color of your shooter each time. (I matched lighter to pink and darker to orange as you can see: )

Truly stunning are they not?
I really hope to see you soon.
I am going to go sew some stitches right now and pop in a movie for the family.
This is the first day I've had at home with no doctors and no errands in over a month.
I'd say movie time is perfect.